Who are we?

Ingenio breaks the mold by offering analytical instrumentation and services for laboratories. Naturally, this offers us the chance to have a privileged relationship with our clients in order to fulfill their needs, whatever they may be.

Our specialists

Our team is made up of physicists, chemists, biochemists, as well as technicians and technologists in different fields. Needless to say, these specialists are supported by a wonderful administration squad composed of chartered professional accountants and administration professionals.
There is a powerful feeling of belonging floating amongst our tight knit team. Since our group is bursting with talent and knowledge, working for Ingenio gives us the opportunity to define new standards in our industry by creating guidelines that are becoming the norm everywhere.

Where on earth is Ingenio?

Ingenio has 4 facilities across Canada: Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. This gives us the latitude to cover laboratories coast-to-coast.

Our story

Founded in 2005, Ingenio is one of the most important professional firms in analytical instrumentation and services in Canada.

Our expansion over the canadian territory took flight during the following years, by opening offices in Toronto in 2013 and Calgary in 2022, so the we could better serve our clients and open up our horizon.


Sylvain Letarte leaves Quebec City, his hometown, to found Phytronix Instruments Inc. in Blainville.


Pascal Bélisle, with his considerable experience in instrumentation, joins the management team at Phytronix Instruments.


To be even more Spectra-cular, Phytronix Instruments becomes the official Canadian service provider for Molecular Devices.


Being Scotch and Whisky enthusiasts, opening an office in Toronto seemed like the obvious decision to get access to the LCBO. So we did.


While the summer sun is shining, Phytronix Instruments signs a distribution and service contract with CTC Analytics, becoming the official representative of this Swiss company in Canada.


Shimadzu's material testing division was looking for the perfect fit for services on the Canadian territory, and especially for the Quebec province. So, the American division of the Japanese company Shimadzu, SSI, signed a service and distribution contract with Phytronix Instruments.


After many years of negociations, Edwards Vacuum and Phytronix Instruments signed a distribution contract for the Canadian territory.


To be able to offer a liquid chromatography alternative to our clients, Phytronix Instruments signed a distribution contract with the german HPLC manufacturer, Knauer.

To spin our clients samples "right 'round, baby, right 'round", Phytronix Instruments becomes the canadian distributor for the Spanish centrifuge manufacturer, Orto Alresa.


To properly celebrate our 2022 year, Phytronix Instruments becomes the official Canadian distributor of the Danish Flow Robotics products.

Since our team dreams of becoming cowboys, Phytronix Instruments decides to open an office in Calgary.


To celebrate our 18 years of success, Phytronix Instruments becomes Ingenio, thus marking a turning point towards the future. This new identity is designed to distinguish our company from our international partner, Phytronix Technologies, while also renewing our commitment towards excellence.


Offer the highest standards in analytical instrumentation and services on the Canadian market. Offer a rich and varied expertise that answers the needs and challenges of our field.

We are partners in the success of our clients and we make it a point to be by their side no matter the circumstances.


Humanize the field of analytical laboratory instrumentation and pave the way for the next generation of experts in this field.