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AZURA A46011

Low Pressure Gradient UHPLC 1000 bar system with 3D diode array detector 190-1000 nm. The UHPLC Pump P 6.1L with LPG configuration has a new LPG valve for precise mixing efficiency of up to four eluents at up to 1000 bar. The integrated degasser prevents air bubbles in the system. A mixing chamber is mounted on each Pump P 6.1L. This can be adapted to the respective application as required.

Technical Specifications

AZURA A46011

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KNAUER manufactures high-end scientific instruments for research, routine analysis, quality assurance, and other applications. Supported technologies include liquid chromatography, precise handling and pumping of liquids up to high pressures, as well as flow-through detection of dissolved substances. Customizable products and solutions are one of our strengths. Made in Germany. Developing devices that help people in the laboratory to gain new insights or facilitate their work. This is the spirit in which KNAUER was founded and continues to drive the company today.