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Biocen 22

Perfect For Microhematocrit and Microtubes

The Biocen 22 centrifuge is our offer for users requiring a microcentrifuge with possible applications for microhematocrit and microtubes. Its small size, good performance and great versatility make it an essential tool. It gives the user complete control from the beginning of the process and many values can be customised according to the processes. Built to ensure the minimum increase of temperature inside the chamber due to the high-speed centrifugation process. We know how important a sample is as a part of a process and therefore we try to interfere as little as possible to avoid interference and ensure a precise, exact, reliable and rapid result.

Technical Specifications

Biocen 22

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About the manufacturer

Ortoalresa was founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of centrifuges. 70 years later, they are proud to be a reference among European manufacturers, sharing experiences with our customers worldwide. Being product specialists is a skill that drives them to create solutions for a huge range of applications as diverse as operating rooms, kitchens, farms, etc, and producing centrifuges for IvD, Medical Device and several industrial uses.