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Magnus 22 R

Floor Standing Refrigerated Centrifuge

The Magnus 22 R is the refrigerated version of the floor standing centrifuge from Orto Alresa which offers the maximum performance for your processes. This centrifuge can be placed anywhere where electricity is close, while leaving precious benchtop space available for other uses. The rotor can be easily swapped out for different applications.

Various accessories are able to adapt your centrifuge to your type of labware, such as tubes of 750 mL, microplates, microtubes, etc. This floor standing refrigerated centrifuge also allows blood bags to be spinned. The system can maintain the temperature through the whole process regardless of the type of rotor and the speed selected.

Up to 100 programmes can be memorized and protected by password for ease of use

Technical Specifications

Magnus 22 R

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About the manufacturer

Ortoalresa was founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of centrifuges. 70 years later, they are proud to be a reference among European manufacturers, sharing experiences with our customers worldwide. Being product specialists is a skill that drives them to create solutions for a huge range of applications as diverse as operating rooms, kitchens, farms, etc, and producing centrifuges for IvD, Medical Device and several industrial uses.