Laboratory Design

"Top-of-the-line" certified laboratory design

Updating your existing laboratory, relocating it, or designing from scratch? With our many years of expertise and the dozens of lab designs under our belt, our team is well equipped to translate the needs of laboratory scientists for architectural and engineering firms. By combining Ingenio’s expertise in service on scientific instruments in Canada and the world-wide experience of Phytronix as instrument designers and manufacturers, you give yourself a chance to be inspired by all the laboratories all over the planet we ever visited and helped during the last 23 years.

Laboratory Design

Laboratory design requires a lot of planning, not only in terms of physical space, but also to ensure that the new concept is as ergonomic and safe as possible. By visiting your current installations or interviewing your laboratory professionals and technicians, our team of engineers, chemists, physicists and microbiologists can create a plan on how to approach your processes and implement them into your future scientist lair. By following these guidelines, we create a lab that ensures that everything goes with the flow – the personnel, materials and sample flows.

Construction Scheduling

Constructing a new lab is all about timing – we wouldn’t want your activities to completely cease while your installations are being upgraded. That’s why at Ingenio, we’ve made it a priority to schedule the construction around your work hours, busy seasons and everyday tasks. Multiple solutions can be envisioned, such as relocating the lab into a new building while the major work is done or sharing spaces during certain critical steps.

Construction Site Surveillance

Ingenio can do site surveillance during construction to ensure that all the equipment is correctly installed, connected and in the right place. The construction quality of a lab is critical to multiple aspects, such as health, safety and functionality.

Instrument Relocation

You simply want to relocate instruments to a new location? Our professionals can plan the relocation to make sure that your instruments get there in the state they were in in their original laboratory. We can also validate your instruments with a pre-relocation checklist to give you some peace of mind and lower your stress level. Ingenio will be there every step of the way, and as we say, we like to move it move it.

Validation Post-Relocation

Once your instruments are relocated, turn to us to validate their functionality. With our many experts and professionals, we are simply the perfect choice to test your lab. If something comes up, we can also repair or do maintenance on them. No need to call every manufacture and pay for multiple travel fees – Ingenio can take care of it.

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