Method Development

Let us help you create robust analytical methods

Creating and validating analytical methods on any platform can be time-consuming and nerve-racking. Ingenio’s team of chemists makes it smooth and, well, less nerve-racking. We’re here with a focused eye on your objectives and with the tools to get it done.

Luxon Ion Source (LDTD)

Our team is brilliantly placed to help you create the most effective methods for your Luxon Ion Source or LDTD. Our sister company Phytronix, the owner of this technology, can help you develop, optimize, and deploy your analytical methods, no matter if you are in the forensic, toxicology, environmental, food, pharmaceutical or clinical fields.


Need a hand to choose columns, sample preparation, mobile phase or simply to analyze validation data? This powerful analytical technique can be tricky to optimize, and Ingenio and Phytronix have the expertise to do so. Validating LC-MS/MS methods is crucial to ensure its reliability and robustness, and this includes assessing parameters like linearity, accuracy, precision, selectivity and sensitivity. If you’ve used our services before, you know that troubleshooting is our speciality, and therefore our systematic approach is uniquely well-designed for this type of method development.


As you may already know, GC method development differs slightly from LC. But even though there aren’t many different parameters to optimize, it is still important to do the validation correctly, especially when analyzing many different compounds in the same sample. Whether its assisting with the selection of carrier gas, recommending the most suitable column or optimizing your temperature gradient, we’re here to support you.

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