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Double Step PSA Technology

The CALYPSO.DS is a nitrogen generator designed for LC-MS. Using a double step PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, it meets all the gas flow, purity and pressure requirements for this type of instrument. It is also the perfect generator to evaporate solvents (ASE or Accelerated Solvent Extraction). This nitrogen generator is available with max nitrogen flow rates from 20 L/min to 55 L/min with an N2 purity above 99%.

Also available with an integrated oil free air compressor using the Energy Saving Technology mode, the CALYPSO-DS is extremely compact and quiet while in operation.

The following information is displayed on the color touch screen at the top of the nitrogen generator so that you never miss any information:
- Inlet / Outlet Pressure
- N2 Flow
- Status of the system, with alarm

The gas generator can also be monitored using a remote diagnostic tool connected via USB interfaced with your PC software.

Technical Specifications


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About the manufacturer

With a French know-how of more than 15 years, we design our generators 100% in-house to guarantee a total control of our products. Our commitment is to provide you with reliable gas generators incorporating the latest technologies available on the market with unique characteristics. Our primary objective is to continuously improve our products and the services we offer to our customers, just like our credo: always one step ahead of the competition.