Custom Designs

We bring your ideas to life

By combining Ingenio's in-depth knowledge and Phytronix expertise in instrument design, our teams can design and deliver scientific instruments and automated systems in record time. We are equipped to handle even the toughest of specifications and can offer you solutions for day-to-day challenges that are not filled by any existing instrumentation. You just need to say, “I want it that way”.


Want to take a load off of your laboratory personnel? Automating processes that are done every day is a great way to offer them time to focus on things that are more brain consuming, such as analyzing data and making sure customers are satisfied. Our team runs risk analyses, quality testing, reproducibility testing, user-friendliness experiences, etc. We make sure that no surprises will happen in your lab when you start using it routinely, except for the ones that make your analyses easier.

Mobile Laboratories

As we all know, life is a highway, and we want to ride it all night long… in our mobile laboratory! Our country is vast and what better way to get fast analysis results than bringing your instruments with you. We can design and suggest instruments for your processes as well as create the plans to manufacture your lab on wheels.

Custom Software

Software is an important part of any laboratory instrument. Our team of experienced software developers at Ingenio and Phytronix can adapt and customize our instrument’s software to your needs and requirements, whether it be custom user interfaces or multi-instrument communication. We can also develop custom software integrations inside existing control software (examples: Sciex Analyst, Thermo Foundation, Shimadzu LabSolutions, Axel Semrau Chronos, etc.).

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