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Digicen 22 R

Versatility fused with effectiveness. The centrifuge Digicen 22 R has a wide range of angle fixed rotors, both for low revolutions, with capacity up to 32 tubes of 15 ml./15 ml. conical, and for microtubes, cryotubes and high speed tubes. For the swing out versions, it has rotors for 4 tubes of 100 ml. and up to 28 positions for 15 ml. tubes. All its rotors are provided with the REI system (Rotor Easy to Install), which allows them to be securely installed on the rotor without the need for tools, and to be unlocked by simply removing them from their position. Its powerful refrigeration system allows it to keep the minimum chamber temperature below 4°C regardless of the type of rotor and the selected speed. For improved traceability, it has a connectivity system that allows the user to consult, programme and control the centrifuge from the device of their choice; PC, tablet and mobile phone thanks to the free Ortoalresa SmartConnect app. Just connect it to your laboratory’s WiFi network and you will have complete control of your equipment from our app.

Technical Specifications

Digicen 22 R

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About the manufacturer

Ortoalresa was founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of centrifuges. 70 years later, they are proud to be a reference among European manufacturers, sharing experiences with our customers worldwide. Being product specialists is a skill that drives them to create solutions for a huge range of applications as diverse as operating rooms, kitchens, farms, etc, and producing centrifuges for IvD, Medical Device and several industrial uses.