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flowbot ONE

A highly precise pipetting solution

The flowbot® ONE liquid handler is a plug and play pipetting solution with high precision and is developed for immediate adjustment. In fact, as soon as you get a flowbot® ONE in your laboratory, the automation starts!

We all know that when a procedure changes in your lab it brings alot of modifications to your workflow and a thorough paper trail to make sure everything will be covered. With the flowbot ONE, this process is simplified. The programming is simple and user friendly, and a new pipetting flow is just a few clicks away.

Thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, only one hour is needed for you to learn how to use its intuitive user interface. This makes it, quite simply, the perfect lab assistant.

Technical Specifications

flowbot ONE

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About the manufacturer

Flow Robotics vision is to revolutionize the hard every day work in modern labs to become a preferred brand. From behind the scenes, they make an impact on health and life. Their work matters.