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For workplaces requiring the market’s lowest pressure drop

Suitable in environments where the extractor can be incorporated in the same extraction system as other products with a low pressure drop such as fume cabinets or existing ventilation systems.
- Compact extraction arm
- Adjustable telescopic function
- High air volume in the suction nozzle ensures effective capture of pollutants
- Ideal for low ceiling and low-hanging light fixtures
- A direct airflow and an absence of internal components results in a low pressure drop
- This also minimizes the risk of noise problems
- Easy to operate and position.

Technical Specifications


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About the manufacturer

Movex, Inc. is the North American distributor for fume extraction equipment and subsidiary of their parent company Fumex AB of Sweden. Movex is located in Pennsylvania and responsible for distribution of the Fumex product line in the US, Canada and Mexico. Fumex AB is part of the privately owned Crenor group and both are headquartered in Skelleftea, Sweden. They are specialists in extraction, fans and filters for all types of applications and environments. A product development, based on modern technology and design, creates the products of the future for a better working environment. Distribution through subsidiaries as well as distributors all over the world, creates the conditions for continued stable growth. The customer value is created through high quality products, dedicated product development, a high level of service and short delivery times.