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Pioneer™ Analytical

Affordable Balance to Achieve Reliable Results

The Pioneer™ Series from OHAUS merges repeatability, high accuracy and an economical price point which makes it the perfect balance for educational, laboratory and industrial purposes. Here's what you can expect when using the affordable Pioneer™ Analytical balance:

- A stable readability of 0.1 mg and a capacity up to 220 g.
- The optional InCal™ feature, which is a semi-automatic calibration module.
- A second line display to show additional information or guidance.
- Six application modes, such as weighing, part counting, density determination, and many more.
- Multiple connectivity options that allow you to meet traceability requirements.

This affordable balance has everything you need for laboratory, educational and industrial environments.

Technical Specifications

Pioneer™ Analytical

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About the manufacturer

Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, OHAUS Corporation is a global leader in
manufacturing an extensive line of weighing products, laboratory equipment and
analytical instruments that meet and surpass the weighing and measurement needs
of a broad range of industries, including laboratory, industrial, educational, food
preparation and retail markets. An ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer, OHAUS develops
products that are precise, reliable, affordable and backed by industry-leading
customer support.